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technicolortardis replied to your post: “I don’t care who you are, what you did, as long…

They don’t care nope. Nope not at all.

That song has driven me crazy for years

What if she cheated on someone

or mugged an old person

would they care then?

technicolortardis replied to your post: Some days I’ll go to work and realize that I…

same, but I’m always at home It isn’t until I feel like I’m going to be sick that I realise I haven’t eaten.

You’d think, at 20 years old, I’d remember to eat before going to work.

But I almost never do

It’s sad

technicolortardis replied to your photo: I’m all red now

I think it looks nice :) join the gingers

I love being ginger

I’ve been a fake ginger since I was 13

technicolortardis replied to your post: I don’t know why you people aren’t all giving me…

I have a Samsung and it’s good… My dad could offer you a wide array of good ones. Dad’s a computer technician, would you like me to ask him?

Ask him about the new Toshiba satellite’s please and thank

technicolortardis asked: Happy Birthday :)

Thank you!

Tumblr Crushes:

Tumblr Crushes:

technicolortardis replied to your post: technicolortardis replied to your post: My mom…

Rory is one of my absolute favourites. Rory, K-9, Sarah Jane, and Donna all tie in for first.

I love Rory. I haven’t seen enough Sarah Jane to call her a favorite, but she was pretty awesome.

technicolortardis replied to your post: My mom doesn’t like Donna. Said she’s to old. …

but donna is the bestest.

I know.

I mean, she LOVES Rory so that’s a little redeeming.

She said we’re not watching Doctor Who once Rory leaves.

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