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Hi. I'm Hailee and I'm 21. I'm tumblr married to the wonderful Cat (bovveredforsooth). I like a lot of things. WARNING: I LIVE BLOG AND POST SPOILERS. Free Hit Counter

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Going to see the midnight showing of Ted with hgfw.

I will let you all know what happens.

Mella and Amy need to be on standby.


We haven’t hung out in forever.



You’re so sweet.

How cute are you, giving me advice to deal with my dick of an uncle.

To bad I’ve tried everything.

Still sweet of you.


Well, I was not expecting that nice text.

You almost never text me things like that.



(via breakingbutts)


A list of people that might get drunk texts from me while I’m on vacation:

  • Mella
  • HGFW
  • Amy
  • HGFW
  • Patrick
  • HGFW
  • Cat
  • HGFW
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