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Hi. I'm Hailee and I'm 21. I'm tumblr married to the wonderful Cat (bovveredforsooth). I like a lot of things. WARNING: I LIVE BLOG AND POST SPOILERS. Free Hit Counter

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There was a post last night that said how someone wanted to date a deaf person and then a deaf person ranted about it.

I 100% agreed with what they said.

Then I tagged it as “if anyone said they wanted to date me because I’m epileptic I would slap them so hard.”

I guess I hadn’t mentioned on here before that I’m epileptic. I actually spelled it wrong in the tag at first since the part of the brain where my seizures hit fucked up my spelling and is the reason I have ADHD, at least that’s what the doctors have said. Oh look, something else I’ve never said.

I just wanted to post this to say that anyone else who is epileptic, can feel free to talk to me about it and anyone who has any questions can feel free to ask.

About me:

I’m Hailee, 21 years old, and a sorted Gryffindor on Pottermore (spiritnox154, feel free to add me). I’m currently going to community college to get the basics out of the way so I can focus on theatre once I leave. What I really want to do with my life is become a theatre teacher and run the after school tech program at a high school. Well that or be a techie on Broadway Across America. I ship GeorgexHermione with no regrets. I love lot of tv shows, but hate most of the fandoms I’m part of, mostly the Sherlock fandom. I’ve been known under the urls: the-hammer-is-thors-penis, accio-doctor-who, accio-merlin, and gwaineswhore.

When you’re wearing your sisters coat but your boobs are much bigger than hers so it can’t zip up without being uncomfortable.