Troll! In The Dungeons!


Hi. I'm Hailee and I'm 21. I'm tumblr married to the wonderful Cat (bovveredforsooth). I like a lot of things. WARNING: I LIVE BLOG AND POST SPOILERS. Free Hit Counter

About me:

I’m Hailee, 21 years old, and a sorted Gryffindor on Pottermore (spiritnox154, feel free to add me). I’m currently going to community college to get the basics out of the way so I can focus on theatre once I leave. What I really want to do with my life is become a theatre teacher and run the after school tech program at a high school. Well that or be a techie on Broadway Across America. I ship GeorgexHermione with no regrets. I love lot of tv shows, but hate most of the fandoms I’m part of, mostly the Sherlock fandom. I’ve been known under the urls: the-hammer-is-thors-penis, accio-doctor-who, accio-merlin, and gwaineswhore.

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