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US Constitution, First Amendment: The right to assemble, to have free speech, to have freedom of the press.

Ferguson Police: Kicks out media and limits protestors to a “First Amendment Area”image

funny, i thought the WHOLE COUNTRY was a first amendment area. silly me. 

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BREAKING: The case against Officer Darrell Wilson will be heading for a grand jury.

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who would have thought anyone would get sick of Rich White Man Saves the World: the sequel

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that is the face of satisfaction no man can guarantee

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Honestly Cosmo, I came out to have a good time and I’m feeling so attacked right now.

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can you tell i am a pro at keeping track of my files

me tooimage

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  • Pete Wentz: Hey
  • Ryan Ross: hey
  • Pete Wentz: Is this the guy fro poanic at the disco
  • Ryan Ross: yeah im ryan, is this pete?
  • Pete Wentz: Yeah
  • Ryan Ross: hey man
  • Pete Wentz: How arer you
  • Ryan Ross: im not bad, working on a paper for english. hows everything with the new record?
  • Pete Wentz: Going really well
  • Pete Wentz: How's everything wiht your band are those just remixes
  • Ryan Ross: awesome, yeah we only did those on my laptop because we cant get into a studio yet. but we still have alot of those parts live and full band
  • Pete Wentz: Does it have samples like that
  • Pete Wentz: How many people are in the band.... Are you guys all in hicghschool
  • Ryan Ross: do you mean do we use a sampler? our drummer uses a drum sampler which we put some of the stuff on, and he plays some of it
  • Ryan Ross: im in college. im 18 the other three of them are 17 and in high school
  • Pete Wentz: Like of the pure volume site songs what would not be part of your live show
  • Ryan Ross: well right now the synth stuff because we need a keyboard player. we are trying out a few guys soon though. and some of the drum parts are different.
  • Pete Wentz: I absolutely love the stuff
  • Ryan Ross: but we have two guitar players one sings and i play lead. its kind of hard to describe it. we are a rock band but about half of a song will be dance-ish or sort of 80s sounding
  • Ryan Ross: really? wow thanks alot man
  • Ryan Ross: it really is a huge compliment coming from you
  • Ryan Ross: i was actually really suprised you listened to it
  • Ryan Ross: i didnt expect you to see it
  • Pete Wentz: Is there some pics of you guys anywhere
  • Ryan Ross: no, we are taking them pretty soon for the website, its just not done yet. i have some just of me on livejournal. but thats wierd haha
  • Pete Wentz: Yeah fuck get some to me
  • Pete Wentz: I think I may come see you in californaia
  • Ryan Ross: really?
  • Ryan Ross: that would be awesome
  • Pete Wentz: I've been listeneing to those songs nonstop. Is the band a side thing or is it gonna be fulltime?
  • Ryan Ross: no its full time
  • Ryan Ross: well aside from school. which sucks
  • Ryan Ross: but we want to do this
  • Pete Wentz: When are those kids out of school
  • Ryan Ross: the drummer and bass player are graduating early. so like january and other guitarist/singer graduates in the spring
  • Pete Wentz: Nice
  • Pete Wentz: Do you know about my label
  • Ryan Ross: yeah i think i saw something a while ago on a journal entry, is gym class heroes the only band on it right now?
  • Pete Wentz: Yeah. I signed the academy. But they are fbr strictly gym class and I am looking for another
  • Pete Wentz: The cool thing about it is I just met with waner and they want both of the bands and to give me an imprint
  • Ryan Ross: oh cool i like the academy alot, oh i see yea i was going to ask you about that
  • Pete Wentz: Which pretty much means a lot more money to promote cool artists
  • Pete Wentz: You guys plays out a lot?
  • Ryan Ross: thats awesome man. actually no we just kind of started this thing up a few months ago, the show in victorville is going to be our first one
  • Pete Wentz: Really
  • Pete Wentz: Interesting
  • Pete Wentz: How much do you guys practice
  • Ryan Ross: we've been trying to figure out the best way to do this stuff live, and we've been having a hard time on figuring out how to make it sound good. depending on the place we might not be able to use all the electronic stuff that we want to do which sucks but alot of venues, at least here might have a hard time setting us up. we practice at least 4 times a week so like. between 24-30 hours a week
  • Pete Wentz: Nice
  • Pete Wentz: I am gonna come to the show
  • Ryan Ross: we wish we could more often. but school is getting in the way. and it sucks cause parents think its a waste of time playing music and want me to focus on school. im sure you know how that is.
  • Ryan Ross: thanks alot man really
  • Pete Wentz: I do
  • Pete Wentz: What are peoples reactions to it
  • Ryan Ross: some good some bad. everyone is so into post hardcore stuff these days that some kids just brush it off. which is fine but then some kids like it cause its a little different i guess
  • Pete Wentz: Can that kid sing live?
  • Ryan Ross: yeah, he's been taking voice lessons for a little bit so thats starting to help him
  • Pete Wentz: Is he on? I mean on here he sounds awesome
  • Ryan Ross: yeah he's on pitch, we recorded that stuff with like a 100 dollar vocal mic. the only effects we used was pretty much reverb on the main parts.
  • Pete Wentz: Yeah sounds good kind of like patrick
  • Pete Wentz: I like it
  • Ryan Ross: yeah thats the only thing we get that alot. and thats just how the kid sings. we like your band but we dont want to sound like you guys, or be compared to fob all the time you know? but yeah he is aware that kids say he sounds like patrick so he's just trying different vocal stuff sometimes.
  • Pete Wentz: Here's the thing if I show you guys interest a lot of crappy labels are gonna come and do the same and I don't want a huge mess out there. I mean how interested are you guys in going fulltime when you can
  • Pete Wentz: Yeah you'll get eh patrock thing but how many people. Sound like hime
  • Ryan Ross: so you really think we've got potential then?
  • Pete Wentz: I do
  • Ryan Ross: i've wanted to play in a band for my job ever since i started high school at least.
  • Ryan Ross: we all want to do this
  • Ryan Ross: its like i cant put enough dedication into anything exept playing guitar and writing
  • Pete Wentz: I'm with you
  • Ryan Ross: but yeah. i cant see myself doing anything else but playing in a band, cause every job i've ever had ive hated it
  • Pete Wentz: You don't have a picture of the band
  • Ryan Ross: no, but if you need it i could have my buddy take some tomorrow at practice
  • Pete Wentz: That would be rad
  • Ryan Ross: okay we'll take some
  • Ryan Ross: are you online much?
  • Pete Wentz: Sometimes
  • Ryan Ross: okay, i was just wondering if this was your email incase you arent on i'll just send them
  • Pete Wentz: Yeah send it here for sure
  • Ryan Ross: okay
  • Ryan Ross: dude this better not be a joke, it better be you
  • Pete Wentz: It is
  • Pete Wentz: But there are a lot of fakers out there
  • Ryan Ross: okay. yeah i know someone has shown me like fake journals of you and stuff. thats creepy
  • Ryan Ross: thats why i asked if it was you for sure
  • Pete Wentz: This guy who is iming me is your manager
  • Ryan Ross: is it xxxtoughffxxx ?
  • Pete Wentz: Yeah
  • Ryan Ross: i dont know if he's our manager. he's our friend, he's been helping us out with a website, merch and the show in victorville
  • Ryan Ross: he's starting a company up and he wants to help us out
  • Pete Wentz: Ah I got t
  • Pete Wentz: It
  • Pete Wentz: You guys are awesome and if its what I think it is I want ti to be thenext academy
  • Ryan Ross: wow thanks alot. i hope you like the stuff live, its not completely different but it is different. i mean the singing is the same and all that.
  • Pete Wentz: cool
  • Pete Wentz: You guys look good. The chicks gonna be swooning?
  • Ryan Ross: once we get a keyboard player who can do all of the sampling we want to do it will be alot better too. its like we know how we want to sound, but just finding the right way to do it i guess is what we are working on.
  • Ryan Ross: hahaha
  • Ryan Ross: i dont know man, we look alright i guess
  • Ryan Ross: we look young
  • Pete Wentz: Youngs not abd at all
  • Pete Wentz: How does the singiner look
  • Ryan Ross: dead sexy.
  • Ryan Ross: he's no pete wentz. but still
  • Pete Wentz: Hahaha
  • Pete Wentz: Goddamn as long as he looks cool.singing
  • Pete Wentz: For sure send me pics and all how many songs you guys have?
  • Ryan Ross: haha
  • Ryan Ross: kk
  • Ryan Ross: we've only got 4 right now, its been tough to write since school started and everyone's busier. and those are the first 4 songs we've written as a band. at the show we'll play those and a cover of new order maybe. or depeche mode. we dont know yet
  • Pete Wentz: Nice
  • Pete Wentz: I gotta run
  • Pete Wentz: But ill hit you on here later
  • Pete Wentz: Send me those pics and write the hits
  • Ryan Ross: okay dude. good talking to you
  • Pete Wentz: Peaaaaaace
  • Ryan Ross: hahaha
  • Ryan Ross: later man
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